Who Knew? 10+ Stunning DIY Concrete and Cement Gift Ideas!

Who knew concrete and cement decor could be so, well, pretty?  I didn’t know until I started making it myself.  Another awesome aspect is the cost of these gifts–I calculated my cement tealight candle holders to be about 50 cents each. That’s $0.50 USD!  So if you are looking for stunning, unique, easy-to-make, inexpensive gifts for the holiday season (or any season) roll up your sleeves and take a look.

Two DIY Geometric Concrete Projects {Sister Inspirations} by The Happy Tulip.  Get the tutorial HERE.

Stunning DIY concrete and cement gift ideas. Two diy geometric concrete projects. Tutorials. The Happy Tulip.


DIY Rustic Natural Wood Table Lamp


DIY rustic natural wood table lamp tutorial.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make a wood table lamp.  The wood I used is a piece of cedar tree, and I left part of it “live edge” or natural edge.  A lamp like this can work in many decor styles from rustic, to cabin chic, farmhouse, and even to mid-century modern.  In addition to the wood, your choice of lamp shade can really influence the overall “look” of a natural wood lamp.

DIY natural wood lamp tutorial.