5+ Fantastic DIY Side Tables Under $25 from DIY Furniture Studio

If you make one of these side tables you will be the only person with one like it.  Yours will be your color, your piece of wood, your chosen legs, your height, and so on….customized to how you want it.  The top three things I have in mind about the DIY furniture I create are that the furniture is: 1) customizeable, 2) easy to make, and 3) inexpensive.  So here are 5 side tables I made this year that cost less than $25 to make and can be made by people without much experience or expensive tools.  They are all customizable in ways that I describe in the posts and in other ways you think of.  Please feel free to share your version of any of these side tables in the comments section, or e-mail me photo(s), and I will put together a “brag” post.  (This goes for any of my tutorials.)

DIY cement side table. Tutorial.


DIY Concrete Cake Stand or Centerpiece with a Changeable Base

One thing that drives how I design and build things is that I like to be able to change furniture and decor easily depending on style or purpose, if possible.  I like to leave options open.  So what this looks like is a cement side table that has removable legs rather than legs imbedded in the cement.  Or a pedestal bistro table that can easily be taken apart.  Along the same thought process, in this post I’ll show you how to make concrete (or cement) cake stands or centerpieces with bases that can be changed by simply removing one nut.  I especially appreciate this because the look can be changed in a snap for different occasions, such as seasonally, for a baby shower, or for a tablescape having a certain color theme like for a wedding.

DIY concrete centerpiece or cake stand with changeable base.
DIY concrete cake Stand or Centerpiece with a changeable base.
DIY concrete centerpiece or cake stand with changeable base.
DIY concrete centerpiece or cake stand with changeable base.

I used little hard-plastic dishes for the bases.  I found the colorful patterned ones at Target and some smaller white ones called “prep bowls” at Kroger.  Wooden bowls would also work well for this project.  For my concrete centerpieces, small bowls seemed to look better than larger standard-sized bowls.  In addition to choosing your base(s), you can also pick a mold for the concrete–round, rectangular, square, small, large–to get exactly what you want.  Isn’t DIY fun!  The molds I used were of the disposable cooking variety, such as aluminum loaf pans and pie tins, as well as plastic plates and serving trays. (more…)