Why furniture?

When my kids were little we used our three-season sunroom as a play room and storage for all things kid-related.  Gradually, the sunroom became just a storage area, unused except to open the door and throw more things in.  You know, like when the rest of the house got “cleaned.”   The kids, now in their early teens, are done with the toys.  And all the other things in there were just cluttering my mind in their own way.  So finally, I tackled the mound of things in the sunroom with the goal of turning the space into a family living area.  The sunroom, after giving and throwing away what was in it, was literally empty.

We needed furniture.  And we didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I started looking at furniture-making online, because I thought maybe I could make a few pieces and have less that needed to be bought.  Well somehow over a few months of fiddling around with making furniture, the idea for this blog came to me.  Ironically, the sunroom is now my workshop, I mean studio, not a family living space. But that’s okay for now.

My plan is to keep the blog projects simple, but nice, useful, and budget-friendly.  Construction techniques and tools used will be fairly basic.  I hope my blog inspires you to create your own furniture, you know, in your own “DIY Furniture Studio.”

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jen Panguluri