Cement Vase

Who Knew? 10+ Stunning DIY Concrete and Cement Gift Ideas!

Who knew concrete and cement decor could be so, well, pretty?  I didn’t know until I started making it myself.  Another awesome aspect is the cost of these gifts–I calculated my cement tealight candle holders to be about 50 cents each. That’s $0.50 USD!  So if you are looking for stunning, unique, easy-to-make, inexpensive gifts for the holiday season (or any season) roll up your sleeves and take a look.

Two DIY Geometric Concrete Projects {Sister Inspirations} by The Happy Tulip.  Get the tutorial HERE.

Stunning DIY concrete and cement gift ideas. Two diy geometric concrete projects. Tutorials. The Happy Tulip.


Hand-Formed Cement (Over Glass) Vases


DIY concrete vases formed by hand over inexpensive glass vases

These vases are made by covering inexpensive glass vases and glass bottles from the recycle bin with anchoring cement. They are surprisingly easy and fun to make.

I happened on the idea of using anchoring cement to cover objects such as the glass vases when I was making my DIY Cement Replacement Sofa Legs for IKEA and Other Brands.  When making these legs, I mixed up very thick batches of cement.  I noticed that the wet cement could be hand formed for a short period of time because it got thick and pliable, kind of the consistency of silly putty, and then it hardened quickly.  It was only in that pliable form for a few minutes.  So when I was making the sofa legs, I got in the habit of making little free-form cement bowls from the left-over cement mix. Then I began to think about all the things around the house I could cover with cement, and I decided to try cement-covered glass vases and bottles (before moving on to the furniture 😀 ).