Nightstand Made of Fiberboard Drawer Unit and Bamboo Legs

DIY nightstand made of fiberboard drawer unit and bamboo legs.

These bamboo legs are made from ordinary garden stakes.  I paired them with a fiberboard drawer unit to make a nightstand.

Another view of DIY nightstand made of fiberboard drawer unit and bamboo legs.
DIY bamboo furniture legs.

I bought this fiberboard drawer unit at the Container Store for about $20.  It’s designed as an organizer for papers.  You can find this type of drawer unit in different colors and patterns at many stores.  If you want something more durable, look for similar drawer units made of steel or wood.  The legs were made from bamboo garden stakes and cost less than a dollar each. (more…)

Retro Style Side Table with Legs Made of Wood Shims

Retro style round side table with wood shim tapered legs.

This side table has a mid-century flair with tapered legs that are made out of ordinary cedar wood shims.  I paired the shim legs with a table top made of thin hardboard and a round glass topper.

DIY tapered legs made of wood shims.
retro style round side table with vase of orange flowers

This project has three main parts:

  • Making the wood shim legs
  • Making the table top
  • Assembling the top and legs

Making the Wood Shim Legs

Tools/Supplies: 16″ cedar wood shims, wood glue, bar clamps, miter box/saw, ruler, paper, pencil, sandpaper, palm sander, polyurethane, 3″x 3″ T-braces, drill, screws, screwdriver, level