Christmas Tree Wall Shelf

Ahhh Christmas!  The end of a very busy and eventful year for me and my family.  You might have noticed I haven’t posted in some months.  This is because we moved from Cincinnati to the Washington, D.C. area, first into an apartment and now into a fantastic townhouse.  I’m finally feeling more settled and can think about making furniture and decor again!

In this post I’ll show you how to make a wall shelf unit that is shaped like a Christmas Tree. You can make this shelf for under $10 in less than an hour. I added ornaments, pine needles, and pine cones to mine to make it festive.

DIY Christmas Tree Shelf
DIY Christmas Tree Shelf
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Shelf
DIY Christmas Tree Wall Shelf

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1/2 in x 3 in x 4 ft board (mine is oak from Home Depot)
jigsaw or other saw


Cut the board into the following lengths: 18 inches, 13 inches, and 9 inches

Making a Christmas Tree Wall Shelf Unit.

Then drill holes near the ends of each board. Here is something to consider. To make the shelves more stable, you can drill two holes in each end of the boards (four total per board). I drilled two holes in each board, and had to carefully place items on the boards to avoid tipping. Once everything was placed, though, I haven’t had any tipping issues.

Making a Christmas Tree Wall Shelf Unit.
Making a Christmas Tree Wall Shelf Unit.

After drilling the holes, I threaded the twine through as shown, putting a large knot on the underneath of each shelf. I started with 9 ft of twine and had a ft or so left over. Be sure to leave the same amount of twine between the shelves on each side of the board or the shelves will not hang level.

Making a Christmas Tree Wall Shelf Unit.

Next, I added small tacks on the back side of each board so that I could hang ornaments on my shelf.

Making a Christmas Tree Wall Shelf Unit.

I screwed a nail into the wall and hung the shelf unit on the twine. Assess your situation to safely hang your shelf. You might need a wall anchor, or maybe just a nail or screw if you locate a joist. This is the joist finder I use–works great. To finish the “Christmas Tree” I cut two stars out of cardboard packaging waste and taped them to the hanging screw.

DIY Christmas Tree Shelf

I wish you all the merriest of Christmas and Holiday season!


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DIY Furniture Studio Additions: Project Gallery, Concrete/Cement Pinterest Community Board, and CommentLuv

Happy New Year!  The holidays are past, and I’m excited to get back to business making furniture and decor.  But first I want to introduce a few enhancements to the DIY Furniture Studio blog and a new Pinterest community board.

The first new thing is the Project Gallery (link here), and located above in the menu bar for future reference.  It’s a clickable gallery with a main photo for each project, as well as several process photos.  The project gallery will let you see at a glance all the projects that await you!

The next enhancement to the site is the CommentLuv app. For those of you who have blogs, this app lets you leave a link back to your most recent blog post. I think of it as just a little way to thank you for commenting.  And we all love comments, don’t we!

The last new thing for now is that I started a Cement/Concrete community board on Pinterest.  I am enjoying many community boards for other topics, but hadn’t seen one for concrete/cement.  So please join me and others on the board and pin anything made of concrete, cement, papercrete, hypertufa that is furniture, decor, yard/garden art.  You can also pin anything related to making these objects, such as molds and mold-making materials.  Pin up to 5 pins per day.  This board is for tutorials, inspiration, ideas.  Etsy posts and other things for sale are okay.

To join, follow DIY Furniture Studio on Pinterest and comment  “ADD ME”  in the comments section of this pin https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500603314815473738/ (shown below).  I will then send you an invite to join the board.

Follow DIY Furniture Studio and comment ADD ME to https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500603314815473738/ to receive an invite to join the DIY Furniture Studio Concrete and Cement Furniture/Decor/Garden Community Board.  Happy Pinning!


As always, have a great day!