coffee table

The Easy Way to Make a Stump Coffee Table!

Making this live edge stump table was a challenging endeavor for me, but not how you might expect.  I decided to do minimal processing of the stump.  That meant no taking off the bark, no leveling with a router, and for the love of all things good–no sanding!  Yes, I almost blew it with the sanding.  I broke down and got the sander out.  But I needed a longer extension cord, and looking for it slowed me down just long enough to come to my senses.  So you understand, I would normally sand a stump like this for hours to get it flat and smooth.  But this time, I wanted to go in a different direction.

DIY Live Edge Stump Coffee Table with Bark and Painted Top.


Folding X-Base Coffee Table with Metal Tube Legs

Upcycle your TV tray! DIY folding coffee table with x-base legs.

For this DIY project, I upcycled the legs from an inexpensive TV tray table and used two pine stair risers as the table top.

DIY x base folding coffee table made with tray table base and stair risers.

I’m really excited about this x-base coffee table because it folds like a tray table, making it a snap to store when it is not being used.  Wouldn’t this be nice for a small living room–you can get it out when you want it, and put it away when you don’t.

DIY coffee table furniture project x base

Because the entire legs/base is from a tray table, this coffee table is about as sturdy as a tray table.  Keep that in mind, and see if it meets your needs.

Here is my folding coffee table loaded up with about 60 pounds of goods, so I feel okay about putting a laptop on it, and some books, a drink, a remote, and kicking back with my feet on the thing. But I’m not going to sit on it or let my children sit on it (they’re teenagers). You get my point.