How To: Fix the Springs on the Saggy Sofa

How to Fix the Springs on the Saggy Sofa DIY

I’m starting another category, this one called “How To.” If you missed it, I also have an “Easy” category which includes projects that are exceedingly easy.  The “How To” category will include stand-alone skills and tasks that are useful in furniture-making, repair, makeover, upcycle, redo, decor-making, and the like.  In this post, I show how I fixed our very saggy sofa by rehabilitating the springs.

How to fix the springs on your saggy sofa!

When I was contemplating starting this blog, I knew I would be making some furniture.  I also had another theme in mind, which is–Learn to love what you have.  Or maybe better stated–Make what you have something you love.  So what about this sofa?  I liked it well enough, but it was in rough shape.  We had this sofa for several years, and over time I noticed it was getting “soft.”  Finally it got so soft, I had to do something about it because it was starting to feel like I was sitting on the floor while sitting on the sofa.  Being not one iota curious about why the sofa was sagging, my solution was to cut a piece of pegboard and put it under the seat cushions.  This was good enough for a few years.